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Brent Everett and Dario Beck are two perfect gay porn stars with hardcore bodies who appear for gaypornstarstube.xxx , here they are simply filmed as they make sensual love to each other.
Brent Everett is a different kind of homosexual porn star. He loves his work, but he doesn’t just do it with anyone. Brent loves to take in the scent of another man’s naked flesh, and taste his skin as he licks his body all over, he likes to feel like he’s making love rather than just a quick fuck behind the bushes. He tells us all this in the opening scene as he talks to the camera, half naked and showing off his muscular smooth chest and small hard nipples.
In the next scene we see Brent and Dario standing up and gently kissing, Brent feel intoxicated with the salty taste of Dario’s thick soft lips and the scent of his aftershave as their lips stay pressed together and their tongues search the inside if their hot and wet mouths. They take each other’s clothes off and kiss their hard chests and down their hard bodies. Dario leans over and takes Brent’s eight and a half inch cock into his warm hand and eager mouth. Brent sighs with desire as his lover licks his cock head all around and then sucks it up and down driving Brent wild with sheer pleasure.
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Brent gets onto his hands and knees, his aching hard cock flat against his smooth stomach as he gives Dario an amazing blowjob as he sucks on his thick dick and rubs his sensitive balls with the palm of his hand. Dario growls out as he feels Brent’s experienced mouth clamping tight around his cock and sucks on it so well he almost cums there and then.
Brent feels Dario’s cock throbbing in his mouth and quickly gets Dario on to his hands and knees with his ass up in the air before he shoots his load too early. Brent can’t stop crying out with lust as he feels Brent’s tongue licking around his tight asshole. He feels a sharp smack on his firm cheeks followed by Brent’s tongue deep inside his wet crack.
Brent gets up behind Dario’s ass and slides his cock easily into his slippery hole. The room fills up with the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh as Brent stabs his cock in and out of Dario’s ass in a sexual frenzy. The camera zooms in as Dario gets on his back, and Brent slaps his thick and heavy cock into onto Dario’s balls sack and then he pushes back into his ass.
Dario Beck shoots a heavy load of cum over his body as he carries on getting fucked, and Brent carries on fucking that sweet tight hole until he feels his cock pulsating inside him. With a great roar, Brent Everett jerks his cock as he feels his scolding hot cum jetting out in a great big stream which covers Dario’s hairy body.

Brent Everett is an award winning porn star. He was born on February 10th 1984 and has been in the porn business since he was eighteen when he starred in a hardcore movie with his very first boyfriend. Brent got married to his boyfriend on October 2008 and they have their own porn business together. Brent has a great smooth body that bulges in all the right places. He is versatile and has a thick eight and a half inch cut dick, he has brown hair, brown eyes and is five feet eight inches tall. Brent has starred in three hardcore movies for Men.com, and in his next movie, ‘Inside Brent Everett Part 2’, he gets to grips with the hunky and hairy Logan Moore.
Dario Beck is a fun loving guy with a great hairy body. He is one sexy Spanish man who has got a lovely eight inch uncut cock and loves to get his hairy ass fucked hard and fast. He is six feet tall and has brown hair and seductive brown eyes that you can’t say no too. Dario has been in porn for quite a few years now and only started with Men.com back in November 2015 in ‘Truck Stop Part 1’, where he gets fucked by Colby Jansen, an all exclusive star to Men.com who is also rugby star as well as a popular gay porn star.

September 17th, 2016

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I have tried all sorts of words to type into the computer to look for hardcore sex, ‘free gay porn tube’ is one. Gay sex, man on man, and gay porn are just a few others. There are loads of free sites around, and I have seen quite a lot of great movies with good quality scenes. But sometimes, and thankfully it seems to be rarer these day, some bad quality ones.
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Because I watch it so much, I even watch it on my iPad when I have a slack time at work. Actually, it can also lead to some good times too. I was in work the other day when I desperately needed the toilet. I quickly ran there, and when I came back, a good looking co-worker had picked up my I phone and was looking at it with a slightly red face. My heart sank when I realized I had forgotten to turn off the porn that I had been watching. I am not ‘out’ at work which made it even scarier. He looked up at me with a look of lust in his eyes and looked directly between my legs.
‘Show me some more,’ he said with a rather gruff and deep voice. I noticed the bulge in his pants, and at that point, I knew I was safe. I also knew he was married which made it even more exciting. I stood next to him and tapped in ‘free gay sex’ again. I could feel the excitement bouncing off the walls like electricity, and the heat radiating from his body made me go dizzy with desire. Being naughty, and knowing this guy to be straight, we looked at straight men being seduced at a site called ‘MEN’
I want you to fuck me.’ He pleaded as he looked into my eyes ten minutes later. ‘Just like they are doing on the homosexual scene.’ I couldn’t believe my luck, so, without saying anything, I went back to the public toilet with him following me.

He was like a dog on heat. As soon as we were in the cubicle he started kissing me. I was on fire as he went to his knees and got my hard cock out and into his mouth. We heard a door opening, but he was so horny that he carried on sucking. When we knew we were alone, he just dropped his pants and begged me to fuck his ass. Thankfully, I always keep a condom or three in my pocket, and very soon I had my dick deep in his ass fucking him as hard and fast as I could.
I didn’t see him for a couple of days, and then when I did, he wanted to look at more porn, especially the straight men getting fucked. Knowing full well how this was going to end, I quickly tapped in free gay porn tube and before my pants could hit the floor, there he was giving my dick one of the best and memorable blow jobs I had ever been given from under my desk.

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September 8th, 2016

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